Life can be hard and confusing. Why go it alone?

Tim Butler is a counselor, life coach, and public speaker who specializes in assisting folks with life’s difficult questions – with years of experience in the Toledo area. He does not promise to make your dilemma disappear, but he will assist you in determining alternative ways of managing, or resolving the presenting problem.

Tim is known as someone who will make you think and promises to speak the truth in a loving way, recognizing that the truth is sometimes hard to hear and uncomfortable to face. He will take the time to really listen to your situation in seeking that truth; something lacking in today’s fast-paced culture.

This site will give you updated free tips on handling life’s pressure points. For some folks, small changes in your thinking can have a significant impact on your life. For others, a more in-depth unpacking of your situation may be required. Either way, this site promises to meet the needs of those who are on this journey called life.