Tim Butler

Counselor, Life Coach & Speaker

Public Speaking

If you are looking for someone who can effectively present to small groups, or audiences of thousands, Tim Butler is gifted in creating an atmosphere in which folks not only are drawn to listen but are prompted to think. Tim uses humor and passion to deliver the message while making sure it is extremely relevant to the listeners. Tim is experienced with over 40 years of public speaking. With his current role in the field of mental health, dating back to 1997, and his previous role in sales/sales management during the previous 20 years, he is uniquely suited to connect with folks of all backgrounds, intellect, and life experiences.




Coping with Death and Loss


Conflict Resolution

Stress Management


Work/Life Balance

Dealing with Difficult People

Team Dynamics

Tim also speaks widely on issues related to human relations in the workplace at area businesses that include NAMSA, Zepf Center, Teledyne, NOSS, and the Toledo Blade. He speaks with groups, rather than speaking to them. He believes that adults learn better when they are involved in the process of training.

Finally, Tim incorporates spirituality and psychology into everyday life as he speaks uncompromisingly in many area churches including Cedar Creek, Bowling Green Covenant Church, Waterville Community, Crossroads, and Brookside. He has an engaging style that mixes humor with truth and leaves the listener thinking about life at a deeper level. His messages are accurate to Biblical truth and relevant to today’s culture.