Tim Butler

Counselor, Life Coach & Speaker


Life can be very confusing, challenging, hard, or depressing. Counseling is a process whereby the patient is able to share their story and collaboratively seek alternatives and direction from someone who is objective. Often, patients determine their own solutions when they are able to vocalize in a safe and healthy environment . As is commonly shared in addictive recovery, we are only as sick as our secret. Counseling allows those secrets to become less powerful by virtue of sharing them and making them part of our shaping tapestry, rather than our defining disability. Tim has been counseling patients at The Center for Solutions in Sylvania, Ohio for nearly 20 years.

We all have a past which we are powerless to change or modify. While we certainly can learn from the past, we can only work on the present and the future. Tim’s cognitive/behavioralsolution-focused style of therapy assists the patient in determining exactly where they are now, presently, and where it is they would like to go in the future. Once that direction is more clearly defined, then the collaborative process works to clarify next steps that are clear and attainable. Tim recognizes that ultimately, the only person we can change, is ourselves. Whether it is in the context of a marriage, a family, friendships, or a work relationship, looking to our responses, rather than focusing on how the other person can change, will yield far better outcomes, and ultimately, greater personal peace.

Make the first step; determine that tomorrow will be different from today and you are going to be part of the change process through your actions and beliefs. Seek someone to talk to in order to air your secret. The whimsical definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting differing results. Don’t let that be true of you. Take a different action: Today.