Tim Butler

Counselor, Life Coach & Speaker


Whether you want to make small adjustments , or a major overhaul, in your personal and professional life, Tim Butler will assist you to be all you can be. Through a collaborative process, Tim will guide you to uncover your strengths – enhance them – and determine those areas that need more attention. He will aid you in finding those areas that you may not see, and work out a plan that will accomplish your goals. Success is found not in simply working harder, but smarter. The fact that you are reading this now means you have a passion for improvement. Take that passion and make it work for you. Tim specializes in assisting clients in the work-life/home-life balance. With the fast-paced environment we live in, it is very easy to get out of balance and loose the homeostasis you once had, or are now realizing you never had.

As a coach, he will not play the game of life for you, rather, from the clear view of objectivity, he will more clearly define those areas that you would do well to adjust. Whether it is just one session, or a series of sessions over several months, you will not be disappointed with the results. Tim has worked with a wide range of individuals – from executives of major corporations to hourly employees. He has the ability to engage you where you are. Your new life is a click away.