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How To Survive The Dead Of Winter: Burnout

Burnout…that condition in which we persistently and consistently experience less than optimal functioning in our work life and/or personal life. Whereas this can be quite normal, it is not pleasant at the very least, and can leave us frustratingly unproductive at the very most. Also, it usually will not just “go away” on its own.

Just like an electrical fuse that keeps blowing, there is a reason it is happening. Something in our life is pushing us to the end of our emotional limits. If we do not address our burnout and take steps to manage our emotional limits better, the future will look too much like the past.

Watch this 30 minute video of a live presentation on this topic.



Tim Butler gives a message at CedarCreek about how to avoid burnout.

Emotions: Real, but not always reflecting reality

I had the great privilege of sharing those thoughts—and more—over a recent weekend at Cedar Creek Church. Regardless of the place you occupy in your spiritual journey, we all have emotions we try to manage and sort through. Some struggle more with feelings than others, depending on how you are wired. But we were created with the ability to feel deeply when life comes at us with circumstances we did not expect. The title of the series was Comeback; overcoming from what life has dealt you, or, recovering from life choices that were harmful.  Let me share some of the more salient points.

You can watch the entire message below.

Emotions are real, but, they do not always reflect reality. Just because you feel hopeless, for example, does not mean that life is—in fact—hopeless. It may just be your emotions clouding your vision.

We certainly cannot deny our emotions, but we also cannot deify them, or make them the only driving force in our lives. Balance. Perspective. Time. These all play a part in managing them.

It is my belief that God created us. As such it is super comforting to know that God does not change, even though my circumstances and moods can fluctuate greatly. We all need something to hang on to; some reason to hope. We have more stability with a power that is greater than us. The Creator of the universe is my anchor.  That gives me hope in dark times.

Depending on your spiritual journey, the name Jesus Christ may engender peace…or all kinds of questions. That’s fine. 

The Bible says once we begin a life devoted to following the example of Jesus, and understanding that we are a sinner and need Jesus as our savior, he will never let us go. That will bring comfort in the middle of whatever you are trying to recover from: Peace in the middle of the storm. 

One component to the Comeback is the notion of time. We are not a patient culture in 2016. Now, more than ever, we are led to believe that we can have almost anything super fast. Immediate gratification. Instant results. Quick fix.

Regrettably though, that does not always apply to our emotional healing. Life takes time. Emotional healing takes time. 

Process our emotions and follow the will of our Creator in our lives. Simple but not easy.

Think about it; God creates us and has a plan for our lives. We, on the other hand, are consumed with our own agenda. That is a natural response, but not an effective way of living life, long term. So, as a final step for overcoming whatever it is in your life that has you down, reconnect with your Creator and see what his plans are for you now. 

Look at your pattern of behavior, actions, responses, emotional reactions. See which ones are helpful, and be honest about the ones that are not helping, and the ones that might not be Godly. Let someone speak into your life, if you are not able to see your blind spots clearly (who can, right?). Change what you need to change and reexamine your relationship with God. 

Some thoughts to ponder as you attempt to keep those emotions in the right place, as you move over the boulders in your life. 

Fighting For Your Marriage (Video and Audio)

This past weekend CedarCreek continued their series with Fighting for your Marriage. During that time I shared of the need for taking care of your own contribution in the areas of (1) managing conflict (2) appropriate treatment of your partner and (3) seeing to your own spiritual, physical, and emotions health.

The feedback was indicative of a generation who may have forgotten that message but very much appreciated the opportunity to be stretched.

People don’t really want to get divorced. People do not really want to continue the ongoing stress. If pressed, people know the only person they can change is themselves, yet they still try to do the impossible. Admittedly it is hard to look into the mirror of your own reality and ask yourself how you are contributing to the problem, and, more importantly, what you could do differently to improve things.

Reactively we want to pass blame on the other person—making a case for our own victimhood. It is way easier to try to identify the errors in our spouse than to look truthfully into our own emotions and actions. Human nature to be sure.

I spoke with several folks who had taken the challenge to change themselves; amazing stories. Congrats!

Listen to Fighting For Your Marriage

Hear the audio version of my talk below or download it and take it with you.