Tim Butler

Counselor, Life Coach & Speaker

Why Invest in a Life Coach?

Maybe by process of elimination I can help you answer that question:

  • I do not suggest a Life Coach if you have all the answers to life’s complexities 
  • I do not suggest a Life Coach is you want to stay exactly where you are now, financially, emotionally, vocationally, spiritually, physically, and relationally
  • Definitely do not hire one if you hate looking at yourself in a metaphorical mirror

OK. So you get my point. 

Life Coaching is not for everyone. However, it can be a game changer for those who present with the following characteristics:

  • You love gaining new insight in your life
  • You are going through transition and need an objective professional opinion
  • You need someone to hold you accountable to the plans you make
  • You are a procrastinator and are slow to make any plans
  • You need inspiration and motivation
  • You want to know why you’re consistently making the same self-defeating mistakes 
  • You listen to your emotions more than the realities in your life, and you hate that about yourself

Now I could go on, but clearly there is a lot of room in most people’s lives for personal improvement.  Life Coaching will not solve all your problems. Actually, it really won’t solve any problems, but, it will give you the space, direction, and encouragement that you need to analyze and improve your life. 

By definition, Life Coaching sheds light on your current trajectory and habits and provides you with objective insight that can help you remove roadblocks. It will show you where you are now, and where you need to go. 

Life Coaching will help you establish your own priorities and an action plan(s) that you can—and will—put in place. I say “will” because the very fact that you put forth the time and money to hire a Life Coach says a lot about your readiness. 

A Life Coach helps you stay focused and on target. A good Life Coach should only want the best for you that you can create, and never attempt to make you a clone of his/her life. 

Life is very personal, but should not be lived in secret. 

Open yourself up to the objectivity of a trained opinion and see if you can move forward in ways you may have not thought of previously. Or, jump on the opinion-train that claims that Life Coaching is a waste of money and is only good for letting someone else tell you what to do.  Who needs that?

Your call. If you make it.