Tim Butler

Counselor, Life Coach & Speaker

Fighting For Your Marriage (Video and Audio)

This past weekend CedarCreek continued their series with Fighting for your Marriage. During that time I shared of the need for taking care of your own contribution in the areas of (1) managing conflict (2) appropriate treatment of your partner and (3) seeing to your own spiritual, physical, and emotions health.

The feedback was indicative of a generation who may have forgotten that message but very much appreciated the opportunity to be stretched.

People don’t really want to get divorced. People do not really want to continue the ongoing stress. If pressed, people know the only person they can change is themselves, yet they still try to do the impossible. Admittedly it is hard to look into the mirror of your own reality and ask yourself how you are contributing to the problem, and, more importantly, what you could do differently to improve things.

Reactively we want to pass blame on the other person—making a case for our own victimhood. It is way easier to try to identify the errors in our spouse than to look truthfully into our own emotions and actions. Human nature to be sure.

I spoke with several folks who had taken the challenge to change themselves; amazing stories. Congrats!

Listen to Fighting For Your Marriage

Hear the audio version of my talk below or download it and take it with you.