Tim Butler

Counselor, Life Coach & Speaker

12 Common Ways To Live Life

…for staying anxious and depressed.

  1. Make sure you always run as close to late as possible; you need that extra 5 minutes of sleep that starts the day late.
  2. Live well beyond your means, as you pursue that financially-driven happiness.
  3. If you are married, and your partner is giving you any push-back, abruptly end the relationship. You can be certain that another partner will be the answer to your troubles.
  4. Keep your expectations high for others, especially those over whom you have no authority. Your persistent frustration with their failures will increase your personal well-being.
  5. Keep an eye open for what is wrong with life, people, policies, etc. Point those out to friends and co-workers often; being a good-finder is way overrated.
  6. Don’t even think of overlooking that 13-item cart of the person in front of you, in the “12-item-max” isle. This is an opportunity not to be missed.
  7. Stop short of making the very thing you know is good for you—and has worked wonderfully for you in the past—a part of your regular routine. Whether it is exercise, spiritual focus, a relationship, medicine, nutrition or whatever, you wouldn’t want to do the obvious, now, would you?
  8. Commit to daily memory, the things over which you have no control. The very fact that you powerlessly worry about them, will undoubtedly bring resolution.
  9. Just as speaking louder to a person with limited understanding of the English language is helpful, so too, repeating the very thing that you have proven conclusively does not work, will most assuredly end with a different result.
  10. Ignore any family history of chronic emotional challenges or your own life-long struggle to not be anxious or depressed. History can’t teach us anything.
  11. Did I say, find out what does not work, and repeat it?
  12. Finally, dread the day in front of you—it is the only one that has the real possibility of being your last.